Special Education Teaching Framework & Tool-System 

our MISSION is 

to optimise Educational Services to 

improve the quality of life for children in need. 

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for children with learning disability. 

Learning is a piece of freedom. 

Learning leads to skills that enable children to interact and take control of their environment.


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We believe every child has the potential to learn. 

If given, the right tools are available, in the right place, the right time, in the right sequence.

If teachers are aware enough of their students' needs and know what the next most promising tool is.

When is a strategy working/failing, and what other strategies could be used?

SENBOX is supporting teachers to hold the answers to those questions at any given moment.

Doyle Mueller

Developer / Social Activist & Philanthropreneur

Over the past ten years, I have made it my mission to build an affordable educational framework for children with intellectual disabilities that is

 an evidence-based, high-quality strategic learning environment that provides specialised AAC tools and improve DATA Evidence 

called SENBOX.

Why we build SENBOX

With the ever-growing demand for intervention specialists in the rising numbers of cases globally, while addressing the substantial issues that all children face within the S.E.N.D community, such as high intervention costs, teacher stress and workload, the complexity of the intervention, demand for data evidence, parents and children’s rights, and the risk of short outcomes there is often a misalignment. 

In order to support teachers and students effectively, we started to optimise the intervention process by offering the EBP knowledge, together with teaching materials that are concisely planned by our team and can be uniquely integrated by teachers based on case data via software.

SEN = Special Educational Needs 

BOX = Tool Box Approach.

it is imperative to have all the tools right where you are and when you need them.

Extraordinary Problems – Call for Extraordinary Solutions

The SENBOX Framework was systematically planned to break down barriers with specific solutions.

Barrier => Solution

Lack of Learning Tools => SENBOX Framework consisted of  35.000+ teaching tools. 

The difficulty of SEND feasibility => Framework implementation style.

Localised approach => International Standards learning based on condition, not geographies. 

Misconceptions & poor implementation => Lack of Evidence-Based Practice, Evidence & data-driven.

 Time constraints & low implementation rate => We provide pre-planned adjustable session packs. Ready to Use. 

In-accessible => Must be: Affordable, Easy to transport, store, organise and in use. 

Rote Learning =>  We provide 45+ topics on 900 levels to create broader individualised learning.

The Special Education Sector is facing its own unique challenges; most schools, centres and classrooms are unable to cope with the demand.

Improving the quality of life for a child with needs is not simply an issue of funding, although getting funded and using it correctly is one of the main barriers for development. 

However, the problem is even more complex and can often not be solved by a small team of teachers. It is not uncommon for teachers in their pursuit to meet the intervention criteria may feel overwhelmed and even burned out.

If the education community wants to provide a better quality of life for students – offering more support for families – and meet the demands of globally rising numbers of ASD cases - the current system will not suffice, and additional support structures must be deployed to improve outcomes. 

How do we see to achieve inclusion?

SENBOX brings more support and more structures to more teachers & parents 

= to more students for a better quality of life

Affordable and effective = more hands.

SENBOX’s inter-exchangeable parts are designed to be set up, adjusted, and partially updated, saving time and costs for the school, which in turn helps parents afford a high standard of specialised education.

Reduce stress and workload (teacher, parents, students) 

SENBOX applies sophisticated technologies to create software solutions that support teachers’ and specialists' efforts in their intervention and apply team standards that can reduce the workload and stress on the job. 

Protect children’s rights and parents’ rights.

SENBOX arrives from the EBP (Evidence-Based Practices). Therefore, the SENBOX framework is not an entirely new method of intervention. SENBOX guides how to implement the EBP standards, child protection acts, and international educational standards to obtain the expected results. We also aim to inform parents about their rights and work with their consent to their child’s education. 

Submit your Application. 

In 2024, SENBOX will offer educational tools valued at 5,000-10,000 USD to selected organisations.

Please take a look at the criteria below.

Must be an educational institution or organisation. 

Have direct access to students under their care 

You have a person who can run the project. (fluent English)

Be able to correspond on a weekly basis. 

Able to sign our MOU and NDA agreements.

 There is no conflict of interest in other projects or studies. 

Parents of children are informed of their child's participation. 

None of the DATA or outcomes is shared with 3rd parties without explicit written consent.

SENBOX remains the rights to repair, re-plan, make adjustments, 

SENBOX Innovates to Optimize!

Why SENBOX is to us more than just a learning centre – It is an answer to a bigger issue.


In 2017, we planned the SENBOX Framework to be beneficial to the entire community. 

Our Team

We have a team of 40+ staff of teachers, designers, programmers, and tool-makers 

dedicated full-time to the planning & testing of specialised learning tools.

Our Tools

We bought industrial standard machines that are common in large-scale production. 

This allowed us to go beyond what we saw is needed.

Learning is easy when you have a system.

Our Academic curriculum is AAC-tailored to meet each child's learning pace and style 

with an emphasis on the implementation of school inclusion.

The Complexity of Inclusive Intervention  

SENBOX has built and planned thousands of teaching activities ready to be used by your team, ranging from puzzles, matching tasks, writing and drawing sheets, reading materials and books based on 45+ topics, lowering the complexity of the intervention method.

Goal and Outcomes. 

Our resources are specially designed to help children recognise the task, keep the workflow, measure the outcomes more accurately, and collect evidence and valuable DATA that gives teachers insightful information to keep learning progress in check.

Beyond the vision – into full-scale reality! 

Over the past years, we have welcomed some of the biggest names in Special Education.

We build a learning center in HCMC that is equipped with our Framework resources.

We have a track record of 4+ years of evidence and DATA.

We are honoured to have Dr. Pemala Mims work with us to excel.


Dr Pamela Joanne Mims is the Associate Dean of Research and Grants as well as Professor of Special Education at Clemmer College at East Tennessee State University.

“SENBOX has a clear strength in implementing Environmental Supports. For example, staff are excellent at observing all areas of the classroom, and the visual supports are robust throughout all classrooms. Moreover, the SENBOX staff are especially skilled at the implementation of individualized student schedules/calendars throughout the day. 

… A major strength of the Senbox module is the heavy emphasis on communication objectives. … all staff implemented it consistently throughout the student’s environment. 

… Students are not left to sit without instruction and staff consistently provided attentional cues before starting instruction with each student. … Instructional Supports include the fact that all staff are clearly engaged in instruction and/or preparation of activities when not engaged with a student. Additionally, data are collected on multiple student objectives. “ 

May 2023 

The sooner = The better.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kristin Sohl; The funder of the ECHO Autism Program shared with us –

 "Most Special Needs initiatives need 10-17 years to establish themselves."

Every day, a child is born with a need. – This child will pass its early intervention time in 6-8 years. 

SENBOX is ready to Implement, today. 

 Fully prepared – high-quality – structure SEND resources and solutions with you. 

Your schools/projects, teachers, and families.

Double the quality of your SEND program in 1-2 Months of 1/2 of your costs.

Our variety of ready-to-go teaching packs provide planned steps with AAC tools 

that you can use within/along your teaching/intervention program. 

Pace University

“During my school visit, I was immediately impressed by the positive culture; the staff and students all seemed to be truly happy to be at the school. The physical setting is warm and inviting from the moment one enters through the front gate. In addition, your learning program, with its extraordinary number of materials, is extremely impressive. The school program is one that should be a model for special schools throughout Vietnam and the rest of the world.” Mr. Barry Bullis, July 2022 



I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire education team for their unwavering support, guidance, and collaboration. Working alongside such dedicated professionals has been a privilege, and I have learned so much from each of you. Your commitment to enhancing the lives of our students is truly inspiring.  ... I would also like to extend my gratitude to Mr. Mueller for his exceptional leadership and mentorship during my time here. His guidance and hands-on involvement have been instrumental in my professional growth, and I am truly thankful for the opportunities he has provided me. - Du Quynh Thuc Nhien, Oct 2023

University of Cumbria

“It was good to speak with you today, and I am impressed at what you want to achieve with your school.” Vivek Chitran, Aug 2023

Awarded 2022: Education & Leadership - Education 2.0, Dubai.

Awarded 2023: Top 100 fast-moving companies Vietnam - SME100, Malaysia.

 Interviews: Mr. D. Mueller


What sets you apart from others in the industry? 

We are a service provider, research and development team, and Teacher Education. 


When was your company founded? 

SENBOX Project in 2016, Center in 2020 

What do you think is your company's main Unique Proposition? 

Ability to provide service for price point + Evidence of Services.

How much have you achieved till today? 

We have trained more than 60+ Teachers in the past six years. We have built over 35.000 tools.

What are your company's key milestones? 

Framework, International Partners Recognition for work, Widening Teacher Training Program

What are you most proud of? 

Pride is a false view of oneself I try to root myself in being a humble leader and let our actions speak for us.

Where do you see your company in 5 years' time? 

To have a bigger global impact.

Could you tell me what you are doing to do that? 

We keep investing in our research and development and impressing our partners… while others deal with cutbacks, we are structured to improve. (Improvement under extreme conditions is what we specialise in)

Is there a successor for yourself? 

Yes, Hopefully, more than 1. We hope all our teachers will be able to follow in our Framework's footsteps.

What is the succession plan for the company? 

Our team efforts involve a big part of personalised training and development … even at the staff level.

Has your company adopted any innovative technologies or practices that have positively impacted your business operations? 

Right from the start-up (embedded in our vision), we have invested in the latest technologies in order to drive our R&D department. We are at the forefront of vitalisation and are already looking into the outcomes and technologies that will dominate in the next 5-10 years.

Describe any corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainability initiatives your company has undertaken. 

We support children in need. However, we also are an open, transparent company … we do this to impact others around us. Further, we are collaborating with charities and donating materials to children in need.

What are the primary challenges your company has faced in recent years, and how have you addressed them? 

One issue was the stability and strength of the core team. Financial pressure forced people to re-orientate to stronger paid sectors. We keep defecting our financial position for our staff whilst providing outstanding resources to all members. 

Why do you see your company as a "Fast Moving Company"? 

USA experts have told us that in our sector needs 17 years for a start-up. We have 1/2 that age. Also, we have met with other providers over the years, and their development is in numbers … our development is in quality and has exceeded double the average providers available. 

SENBOX has hosted Free monthly ECHO Sessions in 2023

We support the community

 International Exchange

about our


Full-time intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning difficulties, and intellectual disabilities.

SENBOX Center aims to provide international-level standards for Specialized Education and Evidence-Based Practices at an affordable value in Vietnam.