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Developer / Social Activist & Philanthropreneur

Over the past ten years, I have made it my mission to build an affordable 

educational framework for children with intellectual disabilities that is

 an evidence-based, high-quality strategic learning environment that provides

 specialised AAC tools and improves DATA Evidence 

called SENBOX.

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(+84) 09 337 585 08

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Awarded 2022: Education & Leadership - Education 2.0, Dubai.

Awarded 2023: Top 100 Fast-moving companies Vietnam - SME100, Malaysia

Interests & Skill Sets 

 Skill Sets 

Since my teen age liked to look for something new and interesting, and I used to it for 2-3 years, trying to reach semi-pro level. 

Over time I ended ou with a diverse range of skills that all work together for our projects and endeavors.


Apple Computers, Crafts


2014 - Mr Doyle Mueller visited Vietnam, learned about special education in Vietnam and endeavoured to introduce the AAC structure to Vietnam in order to develop the teaching method of the centres to give them a better and more structured understanding 

2015 - He founded to help improving teaching standards in Vietnam. He raised the money needed to focus on an improved model for Special Education in Vietnam by establishing an English teaching center.

2016 - The first AAC instructional structure was tested, he created SEN:Pocket to help centers and parents use SEN toys along with the accompanying AAC visual structure, schedule, colour coding and communication book.

2017 - After a while, he realised that only a few schools and teachers really believed in the AAC method and that its adoption rate was very low due to cultural misunderstandings and weak career training opportunities. 

2018 - Mr Doyle Mueller built an educational framework called SENBOX to serve the needs of teaching and training, but it is difficult for him to find schools that accept the new type of education.

2019 - Doyle established the SENBOX Special Education Center in Go Vap, SENBOX uses special intervention tools for the school's students.

2020 - SENBOX special education centre was established in District 7. The centre is equipped with modern classrooms to support training for ages 3-16 and special interventions for some age groups.

2021 -  We focused on internal training and staff professional support in their development as well as building and expanding our teaching program

2022 - SENBOX upgraded its learning centre in Vietnam when we welcomed professionals from around the world to visit and work with us.

2023 - We translated our framework into German, French, and Spanish and developed our own SENBOX App supporting 50+ features.